This heritage of freedom…

Strong & Free


I pledge to uphold…


Strong & Free

…for myself and all of humankind.

About Us

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 Strong & Free… from Canada for all Humankind

Strong & Free™ is a passionate statement about Canada and what it represents …

compassion, integrity and a heritage of support for the rights and freedoms of all humanity.

We believe everyone deserves the right to live Strong & Free™ !

Strong & Free™ Canadian Charter…

Free to speak without fear,

Free to live life in my own way,

Free to stand for what I think right,

Free to oppose what I believe to be wrong,

Free to choose those who shall govern me,

This heritage of freedom, I pledge to uphold,

For myself and all of Humankind.

We are eternally grateful to those who keep us Strong & Free™.



The Strong & Free Quest...

Strong & Free™ has come a long way and proven that there is a global demand for these very passionate words and products.

We are excited to offer those on their “Quest to be Strong & Free” and live their desired lifestyle.

Attached is a sample catalog of products available at wholesale for those passionate about spreading the strong & free message…


Check out the LOOKBOOK for more…

Call or text or email to begin your Quest !


Strong & Free™ Head Quarters

Strong & Free™ Headquarters

1 Princess St. PO Box 6551
Saint John, New Brunswick
E2L 4R9

Call/Text: 506-333-0300



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